Article: Soccer fever hits the Pacific Northwest

Soccer fever hits the Pacific Northwest Here’s a short but well written article about the Portland-Seatle soccer rivalry.  And it’s written by a british bloke for tyhe BBC, so I think he knows… Continue reading

Top Travel spots to visit in Portland

Sorry to post a link to a link, but here’s a list of places to check out if you are visiting Portland.  Check out @travelportland’s Tweet: Once you get there, you should… Continue reading

Keep Portland, well… Portland!

Portland takes great pride in being unique, and of course, weird.  If you’ve ever had a bacon maple donut, drank wine with hip chicks, or eaten lunch on the sidewalk prepared out of… Continue reading

(About the Header Picture)

Took this pic a few years ago during the Providence Bridge Pedal, another unique Portland tradition.  Basically, one Sunday in August bicycles take over the city.  It’s like a benefit run, only with… Continue reading

Getting Around Town

Navigating most parts of Portland is pretty simple, once you know a few tricks. First of all, the city is divided east and west by the Willamette River, and north and south by… Continue reading

Where is Portland?

Where exactly is Portland, you ask?  If you don’t know where Portland, Oregon is, look it up on Google Earth! Just kidding!  (Although Google Earth is a great way to explore places you’ve… Continue reading

Welcome to Portland!

P-Town.  The City of Roses.  Beervana.  Stumptown.  River City.  Bridgetown.  Rip City.  Soccer City, USA.   The Bagdad by the Bay. —oh, wait – that’s not us! Welcome to the “Thanks for visiting, please… Continue reading

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